Jenny Ryan insists The Chase stars are friends despite Beat The Chasers ‘frustrations’

Beat the Chasers: Mark apologises to Shaun

Beat The Chasers series two returned to ITV on Sunday with chasers Jenny Ryan, 38, Mark Labbett, 55, Paul Sinha, 50, Anne Hegerty, 62, and Shaun Wallace, 60, back in their hot seats in an attempt to stop contestants winning their sum of cash. Those brave enough to take on the chasers have the option to play against two, three, four or all five, with the prize money increasing at each option.

All my emotions get displayed on my face.

Jenny Ryan

So far this series, Mark has been seen hitting out at Shaun for taking too long in answering a question. He later ate his words and apologised out loud after failing to be quick enough with his response.

Despite the frustrations at being as quick as possible, Jenny, known as The Vixen on the show, has said they are all friends off-camera.

When asked if there had been any frustrations with other Chasers during this series, she said: “I think people noticed in the first series that I don’t really have a poker face.

“All my emotions get displayed on my face.

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“I hope that viewers recognised that it’s just a passing thing.

“It’s just a momentary frustration and we’re all friends at the end of it.”

The quizmaster went on to say the chasers were more determined than ever to beat the contestants against them this series.

“We are really determined,” she revealed.

“We want them to win even less now.

“This series, because we are even more determined, the contestants have to not just be a bit good and a bit lucky, they have to be very good and very, very lucky.”

Jenny joined ITV afternoon show The Chase in 2015.

On the difference between quizzing alone and with her co-stars, the Vixen said it was more “exhausting” working with her fellow chasers.


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She explained to Radio Times: “They’re both enjoyable and they’re both very different.

“When we’re doing the daytime show, obviously all the pressure is on the one Chaser so you feel very focused, whereas when we’re doing Beat the Chasers, the pressure is sort of divided between us all a little bit so we can take a little bit of slack for each other if we’re feeling tired.”

But, the quizzer said it can be “quite exhausting because there’s five really big personalities up there”.

Earlier this year, former contestant Darragh Ennis joined The Chase as a sixth chaser.

The quizmaster recently praised Jenny for supporting him against trolls online.

He told The Mirror: “She [Jenny] had a very hard time at the start, she had a lot, she got a lot of bad social media interaction,’ he said. ‘And that upset her quite a bit. It’s not, it’s not nice, very unpleasant, the people trolling you.

“But she’s been very good with me, especially with social media at the start so I don’t get swamped. Because it’s been a bit of a mad few days.”

Beat The Chasers returns tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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