Joe Biden's German Shepherd to Be First Rescue Dog in White House

Joe Biden‘s newest German Shepherd is set to be the first rescue pooch to ever set paws in The White House — and it’s especially great because canines have been dog-sona non grata for the last 4 years.

With JB officially winning the presidency this weekend, that means his two doggos — Champ and Major — will join him and his wife, Jill, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. come January. Champ’s been with the Bidens since 2008, and Major joined the party in 2018.

The story goes … Joe and Jill fostered him at first after being flagged to a new litter of puppies needing a temporary home by their daughter, Ashley, which spurred her parents to take one in. One thing led to another, and eventually … they adopted him from the Delaware Humane Society.

Word is the dog is very well trained — much like Champ — to endure major travel and lots of people around. After today, he’s really gonna be put to the test now that dad’s POTUS

Of course, this will be the first presence of a snout at the People’s House since a long 4 years ago — when Obama‘s two Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo and Sunny, were residents there … upholding a long tradition of having man’s best friend as part of the First Family.

President Trump and Melania did NOT have dogs — or pets of any kind that we’re aware of. As you might imagine, folks are ecstatic to see some fur roaming the hallways once more.

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