Kellyanne Conway & Her Anti-Trump Daughter Get Into Confrontation Live On TikTok! OMG!

OMG! This is crazy!

Kellyanne Conway, the adviser and sometimes-media spokesperson to Donald Trump, is fighting with her 15-year-old daughter right now after the girl has been posting anti-Trump things on her TikTok account. Not long ago, on Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Claudia appears to have recorded a fight the two had with her account on that social media site — and now the video is spreading like wildfire!

As you can see with the video (below), the two are at odds over Claudia’s use of the app — and while Kellyanne tries to put on a nice face for the camera as so many people are watching, it’s clear she’s frustrated with her daughter and things are getting very contentious. Then, by the end of the video, it all erupts when Trump’s adviser appears to try to swipe the phone away from her daughter, too:


This is not how that stuff is supposed to play out, in public and on social media and everything. Awkward!!!

All this is simply the crescendo of a slowly-building fight that started earlier today, spurred on by when anti-Trump political adviser George Conway tweeted to journalists to “desist” from communication with his minor children, including his now-infamous 15-year-old daughter.

After George tweeted his message to journalists to stop communicating with the girl, an account allegedly belonging to Claudia responded, noting the anti-Trump adviser was “just mad that I’m finally getting my voice heard,” and delivered a hell of a final blow, writing: “sorry your marriage failed,” referencing the often-contentious public relationship between George and Kellyanne. Wow…

George quickly hid the reply, and it’s not even certain that the alleged account here was actually Claudia’s, but Deadline reports the exchange “appears to be the real thing.” If true, wow… just wow.

Kellyanne and George have long drawn interest from the media for their staying together in marriage even amid their vastly different takes on Trump and their public willingness to continue to show that, but this is next level stuff. Their daughter is fast becoming quite the influential TikTok personality, too, so it appears like this may only keep becoming more and more high profile. Who knows what that might mean for this upcoming election season…

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Didn’t expect THIS fight to pop off here over Fourth of July weekend but, well, here we are anyways! Sound OFF with your take on the whole thing down in the comments (below)!!!

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