Kerry Katona defends daughter DJ, seven, having TikTok: ‘It’s the way the world is’

Kerry Katona has defended her seven year old daughter DJ having TikTok, admitting "it's just the way the world is".

The former Atomic Kitten star, 41, made the comments in her weekly column after Kourtney Kardashian's nine year old daughter Penelope was banned from the social media app. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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Kids Are Crazy About TikTok

Kourtney Kardashian’s nine-year-old daughter Penelope was temporarily banned from TikTok after her secret account was discovered.

Some people were saying she’s too young to be on it, but I don’t see what the problem is. My seven-year-old DJ absolutely loves TikTok – she’s always taking my phone and making videos and posting them.

I think the app is just a bit of harmless fun. At the end of the day, social media is getting bigger and it’s just the way the world is.

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

The festive period is in full swing in the Katona household. I’ve started putting my decorations up, but I’m not finished with them just yet – I want to put loads more up.

It’ll be the first Christmas in our new house in Cheshire, so I want to make it special.

As I told you last week, I’m heading into pantomime rehearsals on Sunday and I only have Christmas Day off.

I wanted to get it all done before I go because if I left it to Ryan, I know it wouldn’t get done. But I don’t mind doing it because I actually really enjoy it.


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Date Night

I had a day off last week, which is a rarity, so I made the most of it and took Ryan to Manchester.

We stayed at the amazing Hotel Gotham and went out for food and drinks. It was really nice spending some quality time together – I think it’s really important to still do that because work and life can sometimes take over.

Then it was back to business! I’ve got lots of new stock for Kerry’s Boutique just in time for Christmas, so we did a shoot at my house to model it all.

It was a really good day and I can’t wait for you to see the pictures.

I also returned to the tattoo chair last week. I went to Jay Hutton last month for some new ink on my half sleeve, so I just went back to his studio to get it finished off. I’m really happy with it.

Adele Is Amazing

I absolutely loved watching An Audience With Adele on ITV. It was bloody brilliant!

Adele is just so effortless – I love her. It was lovely seeing her being reunited with her childhood English teacher on stage.

I did a show called With A Little Help From My Friends years ago and I was surprised by all of my high school teachers.

I absolutely loved school and I loved all of my teachers – there wasn’t one I didn’t like. Even the strict ones! One of my teachers actually came to a meeting with me when I got put in a foster home.

Celebrity Culture

It’s been reported that China has banned its celebrities from showing off their wealth on social media, which I find really strange.

The whole point of social media is being able to post what you want. And let’s be honest, most of the time it is used for showing off.

I use it for work and it’s great publicity for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t flaunt everything I own on there, but I don’t think anyone should control what people want to post.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, so if I want to show something off, I can!

I think it’s good to show people how far I’ve come. It proves that if I can do it, anyone can.

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