Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Aren’t Speaking, Only ‘Communicating Through Their Attorneys&#

Unsurprisingly, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler‘s relationship is continuing to sour.

We can’t even really call it a relationship at this point considering all that’s gone down, and now a new source claims they aren’t even on speaking terms!!

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A confidant close to the situation spilled to Us Weekly:

“They are communicating through their attorneys.”

And not that we expected it at this point, but the insider also noted that “there is currently zero chance of reconciliation.”

This is a sharp turn from insight we previously heard about their situation, which claimed things were actually headed in a more positive direction:

“As far as the divorce is concerned, she and Jay are starting to work through things more amicably. They are working on valuing everything out right now. The home assets are the easy part.”

However, one of the more difficult aspects of everything is related to Uncommon James, Cavallari’s business, claimed the source:

“The issue is that she had opened brick and mortar Uncommon James stores before the pandemic hit, so it is really unclear what will happen with them and how to calculate that into the assets, so that will hold the divorce being finalized for some time… She has one in Nashville and one opened in Chicago in late 2019. They are also working through Jay’s NFL pension and retirement as well. The pandemic really threw a wrench in getting this done expediently, it will likely be months and months before the divorce is finally resolved.”

The insider concluded, noting that things will change even further for Kristin moving forward because of Very Cavallari coming to an end:

“Kristin felt like it was a good time to focus on what is next for her. She and Jay have always agreed to not have the kids featured on the show, and when they did appear its always from the back. Now with the divorce, there really isn’t much of a show left to do… Plus, she really wants to take care of her life and her family, and get settled in her new situation, and adding any kind of filming schedule on top of that also did not make sense for her.”

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