Lady Gaga Sometimes Forgets That Her Legal Name Is Stefani Germanotta

Like you, sometimes Lady Gaga forgets that her legal name is not actually Lady Gaga, it's Stefani Germanotta.

On Twitter, Gaga er, Germanotta, posted about the importance of making sure your signature on file matches your absentee ballot. "Happy Sunday! I’m sending love+a friendly reminder that your signature on your mail-in ballot needs to match your signature on file with your state," she wrote.

She then let us in on a little secret about the mistake she sometimes makes.  "When I sign legal documents, I repeat Stefani Germanotta over+over quietly in my head so I don’t accidentally sign as Lady Gaga."

Most fans know that Gaga is "just an Italian girl from New York," and that her stage name is not her legal name. But, after so many years in the spotlight, it's understandable that she could mix it up.

If you haven't sent in your absentee ballot yet make sure to read up on all of the rules before you send it in.

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