Lauren Harries hunts for penis ONLINE as she claims it’s ‘hard to find the right size’

After her time on Celebrity Big Brother, Lauren remained quiet on social media until she started sharing her scandalous clips on Instagram.

Lauren has been documenting her life to her 19,600 followers, whether it’s about sex or she’s slamming another celeb – she’s happy to post it.

In her latest overshare, Lauren was filmed at a desk as she was hunting online for “weekend fun”.

The reality star was typing away at her computer as she revealed she was looking for penis.

“It’s so hard to get the right size these days”

Lauren Harries

In the clip, Lauren’s wearing a strapless top with her hair tied back as she tapped on the computer, before telling the camera: “Searching online for penis.

“It’s so hard to get the right size these days.”

However, she quickly changed her tune as someone appeared to catch her eye, adding: “Ooh! That’s a big one.”

Sharing the clip on Instagram, she captioned it: “Girls and guys, I know I’m not alone with this one…

A third fan joked: “Typical day in the office.”

Lauren’s recent clips have seen her sharing a lot more than usual with an inside look to her private life.

Some of her greatest hits include her voice recording herself having sex and telling her ex-beau to get her “five star p***y”.

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