‘L&HH New York’: Alexis Skyy Asks Solo Lucci To Take A DNA Test — Is He Her Baby’s Father?

There was some major baby daddy drama during the Feb. 11 episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’, as Alexis Skyy pushed forward with trying to prove that Solo Lucci is not her baby’s father.

You may currently know Alexis Skyy as Rob Kardashian‘s rumored new love interest, but she also stars on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York. And this week, during the Feb. 11 episode, Alexis poured her heart out to Maggie and revealed how recent rumors about the paternity of her baby girl have affected her tremendously. While she still believes Fetty Wap is her baby’s daddy, L&HH Hollywood star Solo Lucci was spreading rumors online that he could be the father. However, Alexis revealed that wasn’t possible since she and Solo didn’t have sex around the time she conceived her baby. So to clear the air, she and a good friend met up with Solo and she insisted that he take a paternity test. That way, she could prove to the world that Solo is not her baby’s daddy. And Alexis told Solo that also would like him to apologize once she’s proven right, but he told her not to hold her breath for that because he doesn’t feel that he owes her an apology.

Meanwhile, Kimbella was still celebrating her engagement to Juelz Santana, and the proposal couldn’t have come at a better time because Juju was already planning a girls’ trip that would take place in Costa Rica. So Juju suggested that the girls take some time away from their busy schedules and celebrate with a vacation. They all seemed happy about it, but some drama ensued when the ladies started invited their significant others. And Yandy definitely wasn’t happy when she showed up to Costa Rica and learned that Kimbella had also been invited. Especially when Juju told her that Kimbella had accused her of chasing clout by fostering Infinity. Infinity became so angry over the accusation that she decided to leave Costa Rica on the very first night of their trip. Yikes!

Before that, though, Remy Ma threw a 1950’s themed baby shower that looked pretty fun, but it wasn’t anything wild. In fact, it was pretty tame by L&HH standards. And it looks like we might be hearing more wedding bells because Joe Budden asked his son Trey for his blessing to marry Cyn Santana. And Trey was more than happy to hear that his dad was getting ready to propose — he said it only felt natural for that to be the next step in their relationship, and we couldn’t agree more.

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