Lori Loughlin Is Already A 'Wreck' Trying To Adjust To Life Behind Bars!

Lori Loughlin is getting used to jailbird life!

It’s only been a few days since the Full House alum reported for her two-month prison sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, but things haven’t exactly been easy so far. What else would you expect after getting locked up??

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After entering with a good mindset, things quickly changed after her arrival, a source shared with Us Weekly:

“Lori really went into prison strong, she had her faith and the support of her family, but the first few days and road ahead are daunting.”

The momma of two has been a “wreck” while trying to adjust to her new life! A second insider explained of her seemingly worst case scenario attitude:

“Lori tried her best to be brave and look at the end result but there was nothing that could dissipate her fears. It’s only two months but she’s dreading it. Her mind keeps telling her that something will go horribly wrong in prison or that her stay could be prolonged.”

On top of the mind games the 56-year-old is playing with herself, the current circumstances due to COIVD-19 aren’t helping either! Holli Coulman, a former federal inmate and consultant for Wall Street Prison Consultants, explained to The Mercury News how the fallen Hallmark Channel regular is likely being confined in the facility’s special housing unit or a make-shift quarantine unit.

While we don’t have the exact details about her current situation, she is likely alone, though Lori possibly might have been placed with other “newbies.” Either way, this “is not pleasant,” Coulman shared:

“There is nothing for her to do. I believe they have reading material but other than that it’s a really long day and night for her.”

One possible silver lining? The actress can take on a manual job to break up the monotony of her day-to-day life. This could mean doing baking, dishwashing, clerical work, cleaning, or food prep, added Coulman.

Although, we have a feeling Lori will spend most of her time concerned about not being able to enjoy any visits from her husband or their daughters until she’s free. Loughlin should at least get phone access to chat with them, so it’s not all negative! In the meantime, she’ll have to stick it out through a quarantine period where she won’t be able to exit her cell or unit, and will have meals delivered in brown bags. Yum. LOLz!!

Can you believe it’s almost been two years since Lori and Mossimo Giannulli were first arrested in connection to the nationwide college admissions scandal? The couple stood accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to facilitate Olivia Jade and Bella‘s entry to the University of Southern California, which they later entered a plea of guilty to.

We’re sure Lori will get used to it soon… and maybe even make some friends while she’s in there. HA!

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