‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Just Brittany Claps Back After Lovely Mimi Claims She Slept With Her Husband

In a YouTube video, Mimi blasts her former ‘LHH: Atlanta’ co-star Brittany for allegedly breaking the girl code and smashing her estranged husband behind her back.

AceShowbiz -“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Lovely Mimi isn’t done airing her estranged husband Remy The Boss‘ dirty laundry. After accusing him of cheating on her, the reality TV star has now revealed whom he allegedly an affair with and she was exceptionally hurt because his alleged side chick was someone from her “inner circle.”

In a video posted on YouTube on Friday, September 13, Mimi claimed that Remy had slept with none other than her former “LHH: Atlanta” co-star Just Brittany. In the more-than-30-minute video, the 29-year-old reality social media personality lashed out at Brittany for allegedly stabbing her behind the back by sneakily smashing her estranged husband.

Throughout the clip, Mimi dropped many expletives directed at Remy’s alleged mistress, calling her a “b***h” and “w***e.” She, however, also spoke about not judging another person while warning others not to mess with her.

Meanwhile, in an Instagram video, Mimi filmed herself praying to God asking for protection for her family amid her messy split from Remy. She also prayed for forgiveness for someone who did her wrong, possibly referring to Brittany, before saying that she would “burn in hell.”

Mimi received many supportive messages from her fans, who suggested that she pick her friends wisely. “Be strong, watch the people around you, the least friends you have the better,” one follower commented on the Instagram video.

“I’m so sorry your going through this Mimi! No woman deserves to go through this,” another sympathized with her. Someone else added, “Wow amen, you strong girl to be forgiving to those evil people. God bless you.”

Another left a lengthy message for the mother of two, “Please don’t let that interfere with your blessings. Yeah we all can get real hood, but ultimately you prayed for the truth one day and exposure and both were put at your threshold. Now adjust your crown and level up on both of them, see one thing about success will always threaten those without pure intentions love. We love you and thank you, for exposing the real because ppl forget that even with your public figure and status that you’re still a human and still go through human things. Keep your head up and stayed prayed up.”

Just Brittany responds after Lovely Mimi claims she slept with her husband.

Brittany appears to clap back at Mimi’s allegation.

Taking to her Instagram account, Brittany has appeared to debunk the accusation that she slept with Remy. “Y’all love drama and love entertaining it!! I’m sorry I have too much to lose, I wish I would fight over he say, she say, they say,” she clapped back on Instagram Stories without going into the specifics. “Y’all gotta learn to not believe everything you read in this social media!!”

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