Manny MUA Apologizes To Alicia Keys For Making a Quick Judgement About Her Beauty Line

Manny MUA is reaching out and apologizing to Alicia Keys.

The 29-year-old beauty vlogger, and owner of makeup brand Lunar Beauty, tweeted out his frustrations about celebrities starting makeup lines on Wednesday (August 5).

“does anyone else get slightly irritated when celebs come out with entire makeup lines? especially when those celebs don’t even wear makeup… i’m like girl,” he wrote.

Many speculated on who was talking about and thought maybe it was Selena Gomez (who he cleared up it wasn’t about her), Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae or Alicia, who just announced a “lifestyle beauty brand.”

The next day, Manny deleted his tweet and sent out an apology and explained why he shared the original tweet.

“So yesterday I tweeted that i get slightly irritated when large celebs create cosmetics lines when they don’t wear tons of makeup because I saw the news that Alicia Keys is releasing a beauty line,” he wrote. “I only tweeted because I know that she stopped wearing makeup years ago, but I should have researched more to discover that she is working with elf cosmetics to develop SKINCARE.”

“I get defensive of the beauty community because so many celebrities only come out with cosmetics lines as a cash grab, but I shouldn’t have jumped the gun and regardless I know I am not the end all voice of makeup,” Manny continued. “I apologize to those who I upset with my tweet and to Alicia keys for being so quick to make a judgement – there is room and space for EVERYONE in this community.”

In case you missed it, another beauty vlogger also apologized to Alicia Keys.

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