Maria Menounos Gets Married Again – See Wedding Photos!

Maria Menounos poses for a wedding photo with husband Keven Undergaro on Saturday (October 6) in Akovos, Greece.

The 40-year-old television host married Keven, 50, for the second time, this time surrounded by all of their friends and family.

Maria and Keven previously got married nine months ago on New Year’s Eve in the middle of Times Square.

Maria‘s dad planned a lot of the wedding and she told Us Weekly that he was a “bridezilla.”

“It’s gonna be a wild journey. Trying to plan something internationally when your dad’s running the show is a reality show,” she said. “My dad is crazy. He’ll call me in the morning and be, like, ‘Maria, your mother’s cousin is gonna bring a horse to take you to the church.’ And I go, ‘Dad, I’m not getting on a horse in my wedding gown.’”

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