Mariah Carey Shows Off Shoe Collection On Instagram, Tells Us She’s ‘Working On Something’

Mariah Carey is an icon, both in music and in fashion. According to aptly named Mariah Carey Archives, she has a Guinness World Record for her vocal range — an incredible five octaves. She also has five Grammy awards, 10 American Music Awards, 14 Billboard Music Awards, 19 World Music Awards, and probably the most iconic Christmas song to come out in recent years.

Not only that, but Mariah 49-years-old and looks incredible in ways she’s not shy about. She frequently posts pictures of herself on her Instagram, giving fans glimpses of her daily life. She’s one of the more active celebrities on social media, and fans love interacting with her.

On Friday, she posted a picture of herself wearing a stunning animal print gown. According to Daily Mail, the picture features her posing on a tile stairway. The dress has a plunging neckline that shows off her assets in a daring and playful way that matches the wild animal print all too perfectly. She is delicately bejeweled, as the only jewelry we can see is a sparkling bracelet that shines almost as bright as her smile.

Just today, she posted a quick video on her Instagram showing off what is certainly a small part of her shoe collection. The video displays several pairs of high heels scattered across her bed, along with a jewelry box holding a pair of statement earrings and a necklace.


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The footage then pans over to show Mariah, whose hair and makeup are flawlessly done as usual. She smiles and tells us that we cannot see the full ensemble yet, saying that “they” are working on something. We’re not sure what she’s going to give us, but something dazzling is certainly in our future.

Mariah Carey is set to return to her stage show “The Butterfly Returns” at Caesar’s Palace legendary Colosseum on August 31. She has jumped from record label to record label, searching tirelessly for the perfect one to suit her needs and creative desires. After an incredible 14 albums, Carey has found her place on a stage truly worthy of her vocal prowess.

She has had a long road of success and hardships, but we’re confident she’ll flourish. Fans everywhere are excited to see her on stage, and there’s no telling what content she’ll deliver in the future. With such an impressive history, there’s no doubt she can pull off further greatness. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what she’s got in store.

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