Maya Jama boyfriend: Inside split from Stormzy – ‘I miss this’

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Maya Jama has become a regular on our screens as she appears alongside Peter crouch on his show Save Our Summer. The presenter took to her Instagram to confirm her relationship status as single, but what was the reason she and Stormzy split?

In an interview with ES magazine in October last year, Maya opened up on how she felt during her split with Stormzy.

Maya said: “I used to read magazines when I was little and see all these Hollywood people break up and they didn’t feel like real people.

“And then when you’re in that position, you’re like, ‘Oh s***, it’s very real’.

“These things never last that long. People find something else to talk about.”

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Later in the interview, Maya spoke of how she was embracing the single life.

Maya explained: “I forgot how much I loved just literally being in a house with loads of my friends, eating, talking, drinking.

“I was like, ‘I miss this a little bit.’ I’m having fun. I live on my own now. Solo b****.

“I’ve got this little flat that reminds me of a Sex And The City apartment. But without the sex. I feel like the world’s my oyster.”

Maya has also spoken of how during her relationship with Stormzy, she felt like she was under his shadow.

Talking to the Guardian, Maya said: “I understood at the time. He was – he is – massive in the public eye, and a lot of people didn’t know who I was.

“But now I do feel people know my name separately, and it does feel like I’m coming into my own.

“It feels like I’m finally getting recognition for my hard work.”

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Last month Maya took to her Instagram after she had heard rumours she was in a relationship.

During a post to her Instagram story, Maya said: “Hey, my friends just rang me, ‘Are you seeing so and so,’ somebody I don’t know.

“It’s not the time of day to talk about it. I can’t be bothered.

“But please, people, girls and boys, stop saying you’re s**g people, stop saying you’re seeing people that you’re not, because when it comes back around, and the information gets back to the person, it is so embarrassing for you.

Maya then confirmed her relationship status as single.

She added: “But, yeah, for the record, I am 100% single.”

Maya has spoken of love life to Glamour during the publication’s weekly Happy Hour chat show on Instagram.

Maya said: “Until you see me with someone, I’m a nun.

“I am a single b****! It doesn’t feel that different, nothing has changed that much except I am just with my friends more and out more.”

Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer is on BBC One at 9.15pm today

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