Miranda Hobbes Won't Be The Next Governor Of New York

This is one of those times where I wish I had access to a time machine so I could go back and warn Michael K that he might want to get out an iron to press and starch his best mourning veil. Because the dream of seeing Christine “Rojo Caliente” Marinoni working a First Lady wave from a victory parade float has died, at least for right now. Six months after Cynthia Nixon announced she was running for governor of New York, she lost in the Democratic primary to incumbent Andrew Cuomo. I guess the threat of one of Cardi B’s flying shoes just wasn’t enough.

After running a campaign on weed legalization and fixing the subway, Cynthia conceded just after 10:30pm, at which point Andrew Cuomo was leading about 2 votes to 1. After calling it last night, Cynthia gave a concession speech on Twitter.

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