NASCAR Fans Might Recognize Rutledge Wood from 'Floor Is Lava'

If you’re someone like me, who has way too much time on their hands, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen the new competition series Floor is Lava pop up on your Netflix homepage recently. And if you’re wondering what it’s about, well… it’s exactly what it sounds like. Three teams go through a series of various obstacle courses while attempting to not touch the ground, which is made up of “lava.” If you fall in, you guessed it—you’re out.

Throughout the course of each episode, there’s a narrator (who viewers seem to have polarizing thoughts about) giving a pretty boisterous-sounding play-by-play of what’s happening throughout the competition. But who is the voice that’s constantly breaking the fourth wall? Well, as you find out in the beginning of the first episode, it’s actually Rutledge Wood, the show’s host. And as it turns out, Wood has had an illustrious hosting career, and his voice might be recognizable to some hardcore race car fans.

Let’s take a look at Wood and how he came to be the host of this seemingly frivolous game show:

He built his career around reporting about cars.

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If you’re a fan of NASCAR, you might be interested in this piece of information. Growing up in the South with a dad who loved fixing cars, Wood found himself responding to a Craigslist ad to work as a NASCAR analyst for the SPEED television network—despite having no knowledge of the sport (the channel has since been renamed Fox Sports 1).

In 2010, he began hosting Top Gear USA on the History Channel. Alongside hosts Adam Ferrara and Tanner Houst, he got the chance to test out different kinds of vehicles. By 2014, he was balancing the TV show with a reporting gig at NBC Sports, where he covered all kinds of motorsports, including NASCAR.

His other passion? Food.

Besides cars, Wood has another passion, one that many people can relate to: food. Given his Southern roots, it’s fitting that he’s hosted two television shows with Food Network star/Southern chef Damaris Phillips—Southern and Hungry, a blend of down-home cooking and reminiscing about their childhoods, and Super Southern Eats, where the twosome go on the open road to find the best authentic Southern restaurants in the country.

He loves being a family man.

As of 2020, Wood lives in Atlanta with wife Rachel and their three daughters. He loves to feature his ladies all over his social media accounts, but other than that, he keeps is personal life exactly like that—personal.

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