Niall Horan Snapped With ‘Mystery Brunette’ By ‘Daily Mail’ After Hailee Steinfeld Coupling Made Official

Niall Horan just made it ‘Instagram official’ with Hailee Steinfeld.

Just a few days after making it “Instagram official” with Hailee Steinfeld, former One Direction singer Niall Horan has been reportedly spotted with a “mystery brunette,” leading many fans to believe that he’s either cheating on his new girlfriend, or that they aren’t really together in the first place.

The Daily Mail snapped pics of Niall Horan “snogging” (making out) with the mystery woman at a music festival in Auckland, New Zealand. This isn’t the first time that, allegedly, Horan has been caught with this brunette, as they were spotted together at the BBC’s Biggest Weekend festival in Swansea, as well.

The outlet is also reporting that it’s entirely possible that the “mystery brunette” is “just a fan” who’s following the singer around on his Flicker World Tour, but it’s highly unlikely that someone who’s “just a fan” would be following Horan all over the world.

This “spotting” is very interesting, given that Horan was not only spotted with Hailee Steinfeld at BBC’s Biggest Weekend, but he made it “Instagram official” with the popular actress and singer.

What’s more, Steinfeld — who has, allegedly, been tied to Horan since November of 2017 — was snapped in Horan’s tour bus by a fan while at the event, as well.

Could it be that Niall Horan is already two-timing his just-announced “true love”?

The young couple has been under pressure from their respective fans to make their relationship official in recent weeks, and when a BBC journalist announced that the two were spotted together and looked “so cute,” fans took that as a sign that the “What Makes You Beautiful” singer was really serious about Hailee.

Previously, too, the young couple had been spotted all over West Hollywood hanging out together.

The duo initially met backstage at a Backstreet Boys concert in Las Vegas, NV last year.

AUCKLAND ???????? ???? @gleesonjess

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They first sparked relationship rumors when Hailee Steinfeld shared a photo of herself advertising Niall Horan’s tour on a T-shirt.

Then, they continued to fuel relationship rumors when Niall brought Hailee to Georgia, to a US Masters Golf Tournament.

Niall and Hailee allegedly shared a home with Thomas Bjorn, a Danish pro golfer, in Georgia.

Thank you Swansea & @bbcradio1 for having me yesterday! I had so much fun with you. Can’t wait to come back and tour the UK next month! ❤️????????????????

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For the most part, Niall Horan has said that Hailee Steinfeld is his “best friend” and that he “loves her,” as he’d done in an Instagram post back in December 2017. When they made their relationship “Instagram official” recently, it seemed destined to last forever — but now, with Niall Horan seemingly cheating on Hailee Steinfeld, fans are left wondering if the couple is, indeed, meant to be.

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