Nick Jonas' Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Claims The Jo Bros Help Athletes Win!

Hey pro athletes: want to win a championship in your sport next year?? All you have to do is… ** checks notes ** … go to a Jonas Brothers concert!

Wait… what?!

Nick Jonas took to Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate the Los Angeles Dodgers, who had just won the World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night. And in a video clip made about his hometown team’s win, Nick pointed out THREE major victories have now come about after athletes attended a JoBros concert!

Calling it “the reverse of the Drake Curse,” Nick dubbed his newfound conspiracy theory totally-real good luck charm to be the “Jonas Blessing.” And there’s something to it!

After all, Dodgers star Cody Bellinger (pictured top left) was at a JoBros concert last December… 10 months before this week’s World Series win. And Patrick Mahomes‘ Kansas City Chiefs won the NFL‘s Super Bowl about six months after the quarterback appeared at a September 2019 JoBros concert! The trick works in racing, too, as driver Lewis Hamilton (above, top right) popped up at a JoBros concert back in February, and won the Grand Prix last week. Ahhhh!!!

Watch Nick make his case for the “Jonas Blessing” (below):

Dude’s got a point!

Once or twice would be a fluke, but THREE victories after JoBros concerts… That’s science! LOLz!!!

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