Nicole Kidman Reveals the ‘Disturbing’ Thing That Happened While Making ‘The Undoing’

Nicole Kidman‘s work in the HBO limited series The Undoing was highly praised and the show became a huge success for the network.

Now, the Oscar-winning actress is opening up about the “disturbing” effect the show had on her life because of how she “becomes” the characters she plays.

Nicole talked with actor Marc Maron on the podcast WTF With Marc Maron.

“Even on The Undoing it kind of happened where I just like suddenly was in this place of… There was sort of a disquietness to my personality, where I was uneasy and there was duress on who I was,” Nicole said (via E! News).

Nicole also opened up about becoming “really sick” while making the show.

“I went down for a week, because your immune system it doesn’t know the difference between acting and truth when you’re doing them,” she said.

Nicole says she believes that lots of actors can train their bodies to know they are just acting. “It doesn’t really work for me,” she said about her own process. When she leaves a set, she often isn’t able to sleep and doesn’t feel well. She said, “It’s that disturbing for me.”

It was just announced that Nicole will be playing one of the most iconic actresses of all time for an upcoming movie.

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