Olivia Munn Splashes Cold Water On Vanity Fair’s Hot Take On ‘Predator’ Controversy!

Get out of her way, Vanity Fair, because Olivia Munn isn’t going to be intimidated into silence!

Yesterday, the mag published a piece online suggesting that other actors in The Predator may have been better suited to help Olivia’s cause during the film’s unfortunate sex offender controversy… had she just waited a bit so director Shane Black could have his big night on the red carpet.

Yeahhhhh…. that did NOT sit well with Olivia.

In response to the article, Munn posted this message to Twitter early Tuesday morning (below):


Olivia keeps taking a stand on what SHOULD BE a strong and sensible position… that her co-stars and others in the industry don’t see it as such tells you everything you need to know about men in power protecting other men at the expense of the safety and well-being of women.

Shameful, Hollywood!

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