Open Post: Hosted By Maple Syrup Shots

So, over at UsWeekly, I read this first sentence in their article about a high school football coach giving his players maple syrup shots.

A football coach in Georgia has come up with an apropos way of rewarding his team for making pancake blocks: maple syrup shots!

Since I know as much about football as I do about proper grammar and punctuation, I thought that the teammates were making walls of pancakes, or pancake blocks was a move where you eat your teammates pancakes at breakfast before they can. But a “pancake block” is the name of a football move (BORING!), and a football coach in Georgia has been rewarding his players for making the move by hitting their mouths with the blood of Aunt Jemima.

Darrian Carmicheal, the offensive line coach at Jonesboro High School, tells USA Today that when he was an assistant coach at DeKalb County last year, he kept a bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup strapped to his khakis to be funny. But then he started actually giving his players maple syrup shots whenever they completed a hot move. Here’s one player getting rewarded with a splash of Aunt Jemima.

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