Oscar De La Hoya Sings Karaoke Week After COVID Hospital Release

Oscar De La Hoya is obviously feeling great after his COVID hospital stay — some 7 days after the fact, he was putting his lungs to good use … with some movie-themed karaoke.

The boxing champ was out in Pasadena this past Wednesday, hitting a place called the Der Wolf bar for some evening time show tunes … where he got on the mic to sing “Shallow” — yes, the Lady Gaga song from “A Star is Born.”

In video obtained by TMZ, you can see ODLH reading lyrics off the monitor and belting out the second verse (Gaga’s part) … with bar-goers enthusiastically helping him out. Seems like a crowd favorite! He flubs a bit as he goes along — but carries on nicely regardless.

It’s a 180 from how Oscar was doing just a week and change prior — when he was hospitalized for a handful of days for a nasty bout with COVID … which prevented him from fighting Vitor Belfort, and requiring Evander Holyfield to step in (and get TKO’d).

Clearly, Oscar’s doing great after that … and maybe this outing means he’ll get back in the ring soon than later. Assuming he doesn’t get sick again, that is, in a mask-less environment (like this).

Stay safe out there, man!

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