Other Inmates Reportedly Mad Tekashi 6ix 9ine Is Getting Special Treatment In Prison

This has not been a very good last few weeks for Tekashi 6ix 9ine!

The rapper — who is currently being housed in a special federal prison facility used specifically for informants and those who’ve turned government evidence — is now feeling the wrath from other inmates!

Per TMZ, the rapper’s arrival at the facility came with a full dorm being completely cleared out, and ONLY prisoners not affiliated with a gang were eventually let back into the dorm; others were forcibly moved to new housing, specifically to accommodate Tekashi.

Obviously, this didn’t go over very well, and according to the report, other inmates have been VERY vocal in their displeasure over what they see as special treatment for their famous new fellow inmate.

Some inmates are even making light of Tekashi’s child predator case and pointing that out as a thing to call him out for — yikes! That won’t go over very well!!

Regardless, the rapper has bigger problems than just some dorm drama in jail right now, and he’s facing some VERY serious charges — in addition to new allegations that could be damning, as well.

Still… not a great start to his stint in prison, however long it may last…

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