Paloma Faith reveals lengths she goes to to avoid coronavirus while pregnant

Paloma Faith has updated fans on her pregnancy, revealing the lengths she takes for hospital visits amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The singer, 39, shared a photo of her growing bump with fans as she admitted she goes to great lengths to protect herself and her unborn child while going for scans. 

She wrote: ‘Pregnancy Diary: I went to the hospital yesterday for a scan. The placenta is still previa but baby doing ok. 

‘What I did notice though is how stretched all the staff are. They are exhausted. This 2nd/3rd wave and the new strain everywhere.

‘It’s terrifying. Going into the hospital feels like a risk. I wear a visor and two masks and open every door with an anti-bac wipe. I must look OCD but I think it’s worth it.’

Paloma also revealed that she takes extra care not to bring the virus into her home when she gets back after an appointment too. 

She explained: ‘When I get home from there I put all my clothes in the laundry and spray my coat with antibacterial spray. Wash my hands and face. 

‘These are the times we are living in. I feel so sad for the people working in hospitals who are still working unvaccinated.

‘This needs to be sped up. Staff are missing because of having the virus. The whole thing is too much and that’s not to mention the PTSD they are all suffering from. 

‘Boris and his government have a lot to answer for. I wish we could have another election tomorrow!!!!! When I go in for my section I will probably attend in a full astronaut outfit! Ha!’

Paloma announced her pregnancy in September and it will be the second child for her and partner Leyman Lahcine following six rounds of IVF. 

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