Paris Jackson: WTF? How is Blanket 18 Already?!

Paris Jackson uses social media for more than just dragging hateful trolls and posting New Age and spirituality inspo. She also uses it for family.

Bigi — formerly known as Blanket Jackson — is now 18 years old, and siblings Paris and Prince are giving him a huge shoutout.

Paris Jackson shared throwback photos of Bigi, writing: “my little brother is a legal adult today.”

“What the f–k,” she marvels.

Paris recalls: “I used to change his diapers.”

Plenty of older siblings change diapers a time or two. It’s a little surprising in a family as affluent as the Jackson clan.

Paris expresses: “This is such a trip.”

It’s weird to see a younger sibling, whom you still think of as your “baby brother,” hit major life milestones. He’s an adult, now.

Paris then praises Bigi for the “proud of the handsome, intelligent, insightful, funny, and kind young man he has become.”

That is super sweet, folks. But if you’re hoping tor a birthday snap of him, you’re going to be disappointed.

“He likes privacy,” Paris reminds everyone, “so that’s all I gotta say.”

She then concludes her post: “hbd lil bro.”

“HBD” of course stands for Happy Birthday. It is not a type of hemp oil or whatever.

Paris was not the only elder Jackson sibling to welcome Bigi to adulthood.

23-year-old Prince Jackson shared his own respectful tribute to his younger brother.

He took to his Instagram Stories to reveal that they celebrated with two sushi boats at Yamashiro, an L.A. sushi restaurant.

Most of us don’t have much in common with the Jackson family, but in some ways, the stars are just like us.

“Thank you @yamashirola and @chefvallerie for helping us celebrate Bigi’s 18th bday!!” he writes.

Bigi has only occassionally surfaced in photos in recent years, always appearing in group shots.

Keep in mind that he never asked to be famous. He’s not an actor, a singer, or a reality star.

Paris a model and an actress. Bigi is just a teenage boy — and now a young man — who wants to live his life.

He doesn’t owe anyone photos, or updates on his life, or anything else.

Paris is one of the most public members of the Jackson family.

Just as Joe Jackson’s horrific treatment of his children had its lifelong impact, growing up with a famous, controversial father left its mark on Michael’s kids.

Losing their polarizing father at a young age has also had a lasting impact.

Paris knows firsthand how difficult it is to navigate social media with so many people picking fights with her about her father’s legacy. Bigi doesn’t need that.

No one should be held accountable for their father’s misdeeds — alleged or proven. The Jackson children are no exception.

Paris, Prince, and Bigi deserve to live their lives and navigate their careers without being attacked or asked to weigh in on Michael’s legacy.

Instead of giving innocent young people grief over things that allegedly happened when they were babies or not even born, let’s celebrate Bigi.

He’s 18 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. Congratulations, dude!

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