Piers Morgan slams Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl performance

Seems Piers Morgan is in two minds about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl half-time show as the Good Morning Britain host labelled the Sunday night display ‘inappropriate’.

Calling out the so-called ‘semi-naked, pole-writhing, crotch-grabbing’ performance of the pair as they teamed up to entertain millions in Miami, the breakfast host felt the event was ‘divisive’.

Still, it’s all very conflicted as Piers insists he is a fan of JLo and Shakira, making it clear he finds them ‘fabulous singers and performers’, while he praised Jennifer’s talent and recent film Hustlers, for which she has been nominated for awards.

But he felt she’d brought her pole-dancing character of Ramona to the Super Bowl, and he isn’t a fan of Shakira’s ‘bondage ropes’, either, he’ll have you know.

Writing in his latest column for Mail Online, Piers described JLo as ‘hurling herself around a giant pole in a skimpy silver flesh coloured outfit… and repeatedly flashing her crotch to the cameras’.

Ok, then. Alex Rodriguez certainly loved it.

When it came to Whenever Wherever singer Shakira, she apparently ‘belly-danced and tied herself up in what looked like bondage ropes’, as she took to the stage to perform her hits.

Of course there was comparison to Janet Jackson’s infamous 2004 #nipplegate alongside Justin Timberlake (who has since been invited back to perform, we should add) however no mention of Adam Levine spending his performance at last year’s event topless.

Piers continued in his take down of what he perceived to be a lack of family-friendly, wholesome entertainment: ‘And both ladies appeared to be in some kind of competition to show us as much of their butts as possible.’

He found issue with the fact the half-time show is meant to be ‘family-friendly’ and that had the two women been performing instead in an ‘age-restricted Las Vegas venue’ he would be singing its praises to the high hills.

‘It’s just awkward for any adult to have to explain half-naked stripper pole and bondage rope belly dancing to young children,’ Piers said, clearly on a theme, adding their performance has now ‘divided’ the US.

He wrote he both ‘loved the show’ and found it ‘totally inappropriate’ while also mentioning sex trafficking because of course, as he concluded: ‘The bottom line is we didn’t need to see so much… bottom.’

Followers pointed out the scantily-clad cheerleaders who dance at every football game, while another pulled the ‘ok boomer’ line.


He definitely had his fans though, showing their performance was deemed unsavoury for some.

We can hardly guess neither JLo or Shakira are crying into their champagne though.

From their performance alone the pair are set to enjoy an abundance of record sales and exposure (not the kind Piers is talking about) having just performed on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Plus, we can’t climb a pole (and sing at the same time without missing a beat) like JLo, so all the ruddy snaps for her.

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