Pillows for Every Sleep Style

Everyone’s been there — tossing and turning trying to find exactly the right position to get comfortable and finally fall asleep. Is it possible that the problem is the pillow itself? Because different people have different styles of sleeping, there is no one-size-fits-all pillow that will make everyone comfortable. So yes, the wrong style of pillow could be contributing to insomnia, and Us Weekly has been on a quest to find the perfect pillow for every type of sleeper. According to chiropractor Dr. John Schubbe in an article in Spine-Health, there are basic guidelines for which type of pillow will be most comfortable for each type of sleeper.

Getting enough sleep is important. A solid eight hours of rest prevents undesired undereye circles and bags — they don’t call it beauty rest for nothing — and is also important to overall health. Getting enough sleep increases energy during the day, productivity and overall job performance, meaning no mid-afternoon slump. It’s worth it to invest in a really great pillow for health’s sake.

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