Prince William & Kate claim that they have not received their Covid vaccines yet

Something I’ve been wondering about for about a month or two: did the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get vaccinated and they didn’t tell anyone? I’ve asked that in a few posts, just because Will and Kate have been stepping out for more engagements in public (as opposed to Zooming themselves to the bone). While they’ve been wearing masks recently, they often showed a real carelessness when it comes to the pandemic, and I just wondered if they quietly got vaccinated and that’s why they felt more comfortable doing public events this month. William was asked about it during yesterday’s Westminster Abbey event for the National Day of Reflection. He said that he and Kate have not had the “jab.”

William and Kate heard from staff about their experiences of taking part in the biggest vaccination programme in UK history and spoke to people receiving their jabs in the clinic, which was set up earlier this month. The Duke told one vaccination team that he and the Duchess had not had their jabs yet.

“I’m a while away yet until I get mine. But you’re getting there pretty fast so it won’t be long,” he said. He added: “I’ve had plenty of vaccinations in my time. I get jabbed a lot.”

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Do you believe him? I… don’t. I think as “future future king,” he would have demanded a vaccine months ago. Now I wonder if William and Kate will get their vaccines publicly, or perhaps just post photos from their “jabs” at a later date. The Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have all publicly confirmed that they’ve received their vaccinations although none have taken them publicly. The Windsors are absolutely being used by the government to advocate for the vaccination program though, which I fully support. That IS how the royals should be used, to advocate for public health issues. Which is why Will and Kate’s near-constant masklessness and breaking of lockdown rules was always problematic and dangerous. Hm… my guess is that at some point, Kensington Palace will just announce that W&K got their vaccines and maybe they’ll play a little fast and loose about when exactly the vaccinations happened.

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