Ralf Little sparks ‘long’ row with Death In Paradise director on-set over mispronunciation

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Death In Paradise actor Ralf Little, 40, had his work cut out after a fan of the BBC murder mystery drama picked up he might have pronounced a word wrong, sparking a huge debate online. In the latest episode, his character DI Neville Parker, pronounced Worcestershire sauce as ‘Worcestershire’, and it led to a “long” argument with the series director and a poll on Twitter to determine whether he was correct, or it was in fact said ‘Worcester sauce’ instead.

I had a long and protracted argument with the director on-set

Ralf Little

But he was no closer to getting an answer, as the poll came back as pretty much 50/50.

Addressing the issue on Twitter, Ralf made video in response to the user’s question about his mispronunciation.

Speaking to his followers, he said: “So after last night’s episode of Death In Paradise, [Twitter user] wants to know why I pronounced Worcester sauce Worcestershire and not Worcester.

“Yeah, I know,” he added, rolling his eyes.

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“I said it should be pronounced Worcester and I had a long and protracted argument with the director on-set saying its Worcester sauce and he was going, ‘It’s Worcestershire sauce!’

“So, we put it to a poll for the cast and crew and who knew, it was 50/50.”

He added: “So, I just went with the script.

“Worcestershire. Weird.”

It comes after the user tweeted Ralf directly, writing: “Woah woah woah…Worcestershire sauce isn’t pronounced Worcestershire sauce, it’s pronounced ‘Wooster’ sauce…isn’t it? #deathinparadise @RalfLittle @D19GUE.”

Little did they know it would spark a huge debate over the West Midlands county condiment.

Ralf posted the poll soon after butting heads with the crew.

“What do you call Worcester/Worcestershire Sauce so I can finally settle the argument between me and the director?! (Ps ‘Lea and Perrins not allowed on the BBC!),” he wrote.

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The poll accompanied the post, which gave four options that had been suggested during the discussion on-set.

They included: Worcester sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Lea and Perrins [a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz] and Hendo’s (Sheffield).

The actor quickly followed it up with an explanation, after some users pointed out a mistake with the fourth choice.

“Yes Twitter I know Henderson’s Relish is something very different,” Ralf sighed.

“It was a nod to the fact that many of you wouldn’t even find the poll relevant because you wouldn’t touch Worcester sauce over Henderson’s relish.”

While Worcester, Ralf’s top choice, came out on top, he thought it best to go with the script anyway just incase – even though it went against his better judgement.

Death In Paradise continues Thursday’s at 9pm on BBC.

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