Ray Liotta Wants To Be A Good Guy For Once

You always hear how playing the villain is so much more fun for an actor but for Ray Liotta, who has spent a lifetime playing bad guys, the chance to finally play someone with a good heart would be welcome. Hard to believe considering all of the ruthless roles he’s played over his almost four decades of being in the entertainment business. Yet, that’s what the rugged actor revealed to a crowd of fans.

“As far as I’m concerned I still haven’t made it,” the 63-year-old Shades of Blue actor told the audience at the ATX TV Festival on Thursday. “I haven’t done everything. I’d like to do a movie where I don’t have to choke a girl to kiss her. I’m not what I play,” reported Page Six. However, he also acknowledged that the villains are the characters most people remember from a film.

“The edgy stuff usually stands out in peoples minds because anything that stays with you is because it impacted you,” he said. “That’s the whole thing about acting, you want to impact a person so they’re just watching for however long and just absorbed.” It looks like he’s going to be available to take on that new good-guy role, should it come, as Season 3 of his hit show Shades of Blue with Jennifer Lopez will be its last.

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He revealed at the festival his displeasure with Lopez for wanting to end the show so soon because he really enjoys the character he plays on the series, Matt Wozniak. Despite that, the show will premiere its final season this month. The actor has remained busy, voicing a character, Morty Szyslak, on the long-running Fox series The Simpsons, and he plays himself on the NBC hit Great News, which stars Briga Heelan and Andrea Martin.

The actor also revealed to his Instagram followers some shocking news. Apparently, someone created a fake account claiming to be him so they could troll a service for women. He warned that it wasn’t him and thanked his followers for letting him know about the faker. He also let everyone know that he’s working with Instagram to try and get the account shut down. He also showed his support for Stand Up To Cancer, sharing a photo of himself with David Yurman, who owns a Madison Avenue jewelry store. Together they raised money for the cause and he encouraged his followers to also donate as the charity touches everyone’s lives.

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