Richard Keys baffles Manchester United fans with assessment of Roy Keane

Richard Keys has confused Manchester United fans by tearing into Roy Keane’s coaching ability.

United legend Keane is currently Martin O’Neill’s assistant with the Republic of Ireland national team having previously been Paul Lambert’s No.2 at Aston Villa.

Keane has also dipped his toe into management with stints as Sunderland and Ipswich chief but failed to replicate his incredible playing record – where he won seven Premier League titles, four FA Cups and a Champions League – to the dugout.

As a result, beIN Sport presenter Keys went into a confusing rant about the Irishman as he questioned Keane’s ability to translate his on the field successes to his players on the training ground.

Former Wolves and Villa striker Andy Gray started the discussion by saying: "There have been a lot of great players who haven’t been able to translate what they could do naturally into being a coach."

To which Keys replied: "When you say great players, was Roy a great player? In the sense of a Hoddle or a creative player?

"Those sort of players are frustrated by lesser individuals. He was a magnificent captain and leader but was he a top top player, conductor or orchestrator?"

Gray attempted to calm his colleague by replying: "If Manchester United hadn’t had Keane in their group, as their skipper during the years he was there, I can guarantee they wouldn’t have won.

"That is his demands as a footballer and abilities as a footballer."

But Keys wasn’t to be swayed and continued: "Yes he was a great player, yes he a great leader but he wasn’t a magician.

"Top players like Bobby Charlton really struggled to pass on what they knew and motivate others and get frustrated by that. But Keane was like that…aghh (thumps his chest)

"Peter Reid did what Roy Keane does better. Souness would have had a pocket in his shorts for him."

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