Rose McIver of Ghosts: I’m famous for carrying everything I own with me at all times

This story was recently picked up by Showbiz Cheat Sheet, but it’s based on an interview Rose McIver did with Collider in November. She was promoting her fabulous CBS sitcom, Ghosts. It’s coming back next week after a midseason hiatus and I’m excited about that. It’s a fun, fluffy show where a couple moves from the city into an historic mansion in the country. Rose’s character hits her head and she can see and talk to all the ghosts inhabiting the property. It co stars Utkarsh Ambudkar, whose star is definitely on the rise. It’s an American remake of a BBC sitcom of the same name, which is available now on HBO. (I’ve seen a few episodes of the British version and that’s a little too dark and cringey for my tastes, but you might like it.)

I know Rose from Ghosts, iZombie and the Christmas Prince series on Netflix. She was also in The Lovely Bones and on Once Upon a Time. When I watched this interview I was floored to hear her accent! She’s from New Zealand, but I never would have known since she has a perfect American accent. I related the most to the section where she said that she carries a ton of sh-t with her always, because I’m the same way. If you need a Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, water, Band Aid or snack, I’ve got it. Here’s some of what she told Collider.

What is something you can’t be on set without?
I’m quite famous for carrying everything I own with me at all times. I don’t know where it comes from. It must be some sort of inherited behavior, but I carry [everything].

Just in case, I’m going to need my drink bottle, my thermos, my book. I’ve got my script, my binder, I’ve got an iPad, and I’ll have it all under my arms at any given moment. I’ll move ten feet and I’ll carry it, just in case I need it. It’s quite bizarre. It’s got to be some sort of hoarding style technique. I’ve had family say it’s like me carrying around all my teddy bears. It’s the same mentality. Just in case I need all these mates.

[From Collider on YouTube via ShowBiz Cheat Sheet]

There’s a lot more in the interview and it was fun to watch because it’s very in depth. I came away from it with so much respect for Rose. She loves acting and she’s really grateful for her career. Rose has been a working actor since she was a child and has held other jobs, like working in retail. She said that she’s not convinced that her career is “all sorted” and that she appreciates and is excited about all the opportunities she gets. She also revealed that they shoot in Montreal. Rose, 33, is in a relationship with Australian artist George Byrne and is child free.

As for her carrying everything with her, I’m very much like that. I keep a lot of stuff in my car too, just in case of an emergency. It got worse when I had a child, but I’ve always been like this. I’ve never been a minimalist, which you can surely tell about me if you’ve read any of our Amazon posts. If there’s something that will make my life easier in even a small way I want it!

They are so cute together!

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