Sharon Osbourne risks wrath of Simon Cowell with blistering attack

Sharon Osbourne has risked the wrath of Simon Cowell after giving a blistering interview about her X Factor boss, saying he’s a “f***ing pain in the a***” who "will do whatever he has to do to get that f***ing fat face on TV."

The star, who will be back to judge the live shows, sat down with US radio host Howard Stern on Tuesday for an explosive, expletive-ridden interview.

Outspoken Sharon, 65, wasn’t pulling any punches as she took aim at Simon and the show hopefuls.

When asked who she would save on a sinking boat, she replied: "We would put a f***ing brick around his neck and throw him over. I will drown you mother f***er."

Sharon, who is also a host on US chat show The Talk, also spoke about her contract and claimed she has a specific clause which means she has to be paid as much as the highest-paid judges.

"So Simon and I have a clause in my contract, ‘favourite nations’," she said. "Simon goes to the press and goes, ‘This is the best £10 million I have ever spent’.

"So I go, ‘I have favourite nations, where is my f**king £10 million? I have a clause’. I am a businesswoman.

"But after I just said I am going to tie a brick around his neck and let him drown and now I am talking about it, he will be f**ked.”

Later, she discussed Simon taking host Stern’s America’s Got Talent spot in 2016.

"Simon loves to be on TV," Sharon told him. "And he wasn’t on TV in America and he will do whatever he has to do to get that f***ing fat face on TV."

Not stopping there, Sharon also ranted at the X Factor show hopefuls when asked why she wasn’t back on the show this year in a full-time role.

"Oh f**k. I don’t have to have those kids singing in my face," she said.

“Those little sh**s. They all suck. It is like, ‘hey is this f***ing karaoke or what?’"

She then told Stern she wouldn’t be holding her tongue when she does eventually return later this year.

"The thing is, it is the end of my contract now, it’s like no holds barred. It’s like get the f**k off the stage. You’re s**t. Get the f**k out."

Elsewhere in the interview, Sharon praised new judge Robbie Williams but was far less complimentary when it came to his wife Ayda Field.

"Listen to this he has got two f**king people in the show,” Sharon ranted. "He has changed the panel. Robbie Williams, he’s a good guy, and he has got his wife on."

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When Stern asked what Ayda does, Sharon swiped: "I don’t know [what she knows]. She was in a soap opera here years ago."

As the interview wrapped up, Sharon told Stern: "Will you give me a job on Monday when I get the sack?

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