Super Fed: James Comey Stars In His Own Comic Book

He leaps media interviews in a single bound. Now former FBI Director James Comey is starring in his own comic book.

TidalWave Productions has published a first 24-page volume on Comey’s backstory, entitled: Political Power: James Comey. Written by Michael Frizell and drawn by Joe Paradise, the book traces the mostly-true story of Comey’s earlier life, including a gripping encounter with a home invader — the alleged “Ramsey Rapist” — who held Comey and his brother at gunpoint in their New Jersey home.

Earlier this week, Comey told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the incident had a lot to do with the career he chose.

“I thought about the Ramsey Rapist every night before I went to bed for five years. I don’t mean most nights, I mean every night. And I slept with a weapon — a knife or a bat — next to me for many years,” Comey said. “It created for me as a prosecutor or investigator a tremendous sense of empathy.”

As an adult, Comey sent home decorating extraordinaire Martha Stewart to the slammer for insider trading. That’s also in the comic.

“To put it mildly, Comey’s story is in flux,” Frizell said in a statement. “For this first book, I thought it best explore what makes the man tick. What motivates him?” 

A second book will track Comey’s dealings with President Donald Trump.

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