TALK OF THE TOWN: Lady Amelia Windsor's bottle of kombucha

TALK OF THE TOWN: Lady Amelia Windsor walks through Camden Town with a bottle in hand (but it’s only kombucha!)

Time was when you spotted someone famous stumbling through the streets of Camden Town with a bottle in hand, they would probably be knocking back Jack Daniel’s.

But these days going out on the lash is so much more wholesome, as 26-year-old Lady Amelia Windsor, who is 43rd in line to the throne, demonstrated. 

When she was seen out with pals, she was necking nothing stronger than kombucha – a sparkling fermented tea, which is popular among health-conscious millennials for its supposed gut-friendly benefits.

However, to her credit, Amelia, who was sporting eye-catching striped jeans, later visited The Grafton pub, where she stayed until closing. 

She’s so rock ’n’ royal!

Lady Amelia Windsor, pictured, was spotted walking along the street in Camden, north London carrying a bottle of kombucha – a sparkling fermented tea popular with millennials

The 43rd in line to the throne was on her way to the Grafton Pub in Camden Town, pictured

Goodness knows what society designer Nicky Haslam, that arbiter of good taste, will make of Petra’s glittery home. 

Every year in time for Christmas, Nicky unveils what he calls his new ‘drying up cloth’ – marked with a long list of things he finds common.

This year he has given me an exclusive sneak-peek but I’m afraid it makes for grim (albeit highly amusing) reading. 

On the list for 2022 are celebrity magnet Soho House, loud laughter, two-bite canapes, award ceremonies, drag, and swimming with dolphins.

But those are all of my favourite things, Nicky!

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