TALK OF THE TOWN: Olivia Colman and her £895 suede Jimmy Choos

TALK OF THE TOWN: Olivia Colman goes barefoot on the streets before hitting red carpet in her £895 crystal-embellished suede Jimmy Choos

To kick off your heels after an all-nighter on the dancefloor is understandable, but Olivia Colman went barefoot on the grubby streets of London even BEFORE she hit the red carpet last week.

The Oscar winner emerged from her swanky hotel clutching a pair of £895 crystal-embellished suede Jimmy Choos as she made her way to a star-studded screening of The Lost Daughter at the Royal Festival Hall.

She then quietly slipped them on to attend the event, before promptly removing them again to speak at a live Q&A on stage.

Olivia Colman, 47, appeared on the red carpet at the UK Premiere of The Lost Daughter at teh BFI London Film Festival at Royal Festival Hall wearing an £895 pair of Jimmy Choos

Colman wore the expensive shoes on the red carpet ahead of the screening where she plays a middle-aged professor on holiday in Greece

However, before arriving at the red carpet, Colman darted across the pavement from her hotel while barefoot

In the film, Olivia, 47, plays a woman called Leda, a middle-aged professor on holiday in Greece who is haunted by her memories of motherhood.

Co-stars Jack Farthing, Jessie Buckley, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson didn’t seem to bat an eyelid or complain about Olivia’s decision to ditch her heels. More proof that The Crown star is just so down to earth… as she never tires of reminding us!

As if he wasn’t colourful enough already, Grayson Perry is having his life turned into a musical by the man behind Jerry Springer: The Opera. 

My West End spy tells me the show will be a comedy – but it won’t be for the faint-hearted. 

‘There will be graphic sexual content,’ says my source, adding that the show will also detail how Grayson was ‘whacked’ as a boy by his stepfather and experimented with hard drugs before finding fame as a cross-dressing ceramicist. 

The National Theatre confirms a project is in the ‘early stages’. 

Polo-playing pub landlady Jodie Kidd has brains as well as beauty, so when she signed up for a reality show about celebrities wearing the contents of their rubbish bins, how did she not understand it would be a bit whiffy?

I was surprised to hear whispers that Jodie ‘disappeared off set’ for nearly an hour while filming the final episode of the Channel 4 series Celebrity Trash Monsters, declaring: ‘I can’t bear the stink!’ 

Well, she was filming the show – which sounds like real trash TV – in summer near her Sussex home, so what did she expect?

Jodie Kidd, pictured, is taking part the Channel 4 series Celebrity Trash Monsters, where famous people wear the contents of rubbish bins

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