The Screenwriter Of "Shrek" Compared The Word "Anti-Vax" To The N-Word

Celebrities who enjoy things like children with measles and hating science such as Jenny McCarthy, Jenna Elfman, and Kirstie Alley must be polishing up their resumes and getting new headshots done. A celebrated Hollywood screenwriter has come out against vaccinations. This dude has DISNEY and DREAMWORKS connections. Maybe he can get Dharma a bit part in Star Wars X or some voice work on Elena of Avalor! It should also be noted that Shrek and Aladdin screenwriter Terry Rossio compared the slang term “anti-vax” (as in “anti-vaccination”) to the n-word in a Twitter fight. Don’t leave the Celebrity Centre just yet, Dharma. Those connections might have just been severed.

Vulture reports that Julie Benson, a writer on CW’s The 100, tweeted about a UNICEF program that distributes anti-polio vaccines. The tweet morphed into a discussion about vaccinations in general. That’s when apparently strict “anti-vaxxer” Terry Rossio chimed in. Terry managed to demonstrate that not only is he into the children who enjoy his movies contracting polio, but he’s also not great at reading the room when it comes to using racial slurs in polite conversation.

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