There’s Now a Sexy Halloween Costume Inspired by Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Dress

Considering "princess" is one of the most searched Halloween costumes of 2018, there is no question that there will be plenty of Meghan Markles running around on October 31. And now, we present you with the inevitable next step in the evolution of the Duchess of Sussex Halloween costume: the sexy Meghan Markle costume.

On Monday, lingerie and costume retailer Yandy announced that they would be offering an "American Princess" costume for Halloween 2018. The outfit features a white mini-dress, crown and veil, and though Yandy doesn't specifically refer to Meghan Markle as the inspiration behind the look, the boatneck/long-sleeve combo of the dress looks quite familiar — aside from the fact that its about 100 inches shorter than Markle's Givenchy version.

"You're living an actual fairy tale! Get ready to walk down the royal aisle in this exclusive American Princess costume," reads the description on Yandy's website.

The brand showed off the costume with a suit jacket and numbered briefcase, likely in reference to Markle's pre-princess days on Suits and Deal or No Deal, which are not included in the $50 price tag.

Of course, this eyebrow-raising outfit is hardly the most exciting Meghan Markle-related news to hit the Internet this week. On Monday, Kensington Palace announced that Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child together in the spring of 2019.

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