Tom Jones’ devastating confession over wife Linda’s death: ‘Was I partly to blame?’

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The Welsh singer, 80, was married to Melissa Trenchard, known as “Lady Linda”, for nearly 60 years before she died. Sir Tom Jones, then Tom Woodward, met his future wife at school in Treforest, Pontypridd and tied the knot with her one year later. Despite having scores of affairs, the Sex Bomb star always claimed Linda was his one “true love”.

Sir Tom and Linda had one son Mark, who was born a month after their marriage, and while the singer was still performing at working men’s clubs.

The Voice star reflected on his extramarital affairs and claimed that they didn’t matter because his marriage was “still solid” and his son “still loves me”.

This came despite confessing to having bedded up to 250 women a year – including several famous musicians – in a 2012 Telegraph article.

Sir Tom claimed that he didn’t have any regrets related to his marriage or well-publicised affairs. 

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In 2015, he told The Big Issue: “I don’t regret anything… I haven’t done anything bad in my life.”

Despite the hundreds of women the star claimed to have slept with, he maintained that Linda was the only woman for him.

In 2006, Sir Tom told the Daily Mail: “She’s the most important thing in my life, an unbelievable woman.

“Linda is the love of my life and she still is, even though she doesn’t look like she did – I don’t look like I did either, but I try my best.”

Sir Tom’s wife passed away from lung cancer in 2016, at the age of 75, just under a year before their 60th wedding anniversary.

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In a heartbreaking confession, the singer admitted that he questioned whether he could have done more to save her life.

In 2019, Sir Tom told the Daily Mirror that Linda’s favourite song haunted him because he had found new-meanings in its lyrics.

The track, Bob Dylan’s What Good Am I?, questions whether a man could have done more.

Sir Tom said: “I was reading into the lyrics thinking, ‘Jesus Christ, was I partly to blame?’

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“Should I have woken up before? You start to think, ‘What if I had forced her to go to the doctors?’ Because she didn’t go.”

Despite performing Dylan’s song countless times, Sir Tom admitted it was “the one thing I was scared of” because Linda “loved it”.

He continued: “The song is ‘What good am I if I’m like all the rest? If I don’t just turn away when I see how you’re dressed’. 

“It’s like, ‘Why couldn’t I have stopped it?’”

Fortunately, the grieving star learned to accept there was nothing he could have done to save Linda.

Sir Tom said: “The reality is I couldn’t really have done anything.

“By the time we found out about her cancer it was too late, so there’s not a lot you can do.”

He admitted that the mourning process left him questioning his actions from the past.

Sir Tom said: “When something like that happens, it’s so devastating [that] you don’t know how to deal with everything.

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“It was something I had never dealt with before.”

He described that time “healed” the pain from Linda’s death and he had started to be “more realistic” about the future.

Sir Tom said: “Things sink in and you realise, ‘This is it! This is the way it’s going to be.’”

The star’s son Mark “helped tremendously” during the grieving process but there were some days when Sir Tom struggled to leave his bed.

Sir Tom said: “I didn’t know whether I would make it, there were days when I felt I couldn’t get up.”

When asked about any plans for a future romance, Sir Tom stated: “No, I don’t think so.”

In his 2015 autobiography, Over The Top And Back, he said that Linda was the only woman he could envisage a future with.

Sir Tom wrote: “I have never had that feeling for anyone else, I don’t think you can fall in love more than once.”

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