TOWIE’s Amber Turner does THIS ’embarrassing’ thing during fight

There was another dose of TOWIE drama on Sunday evening when Amber Turner went head-to-head with Essex newbie Clelia Theodorou (again).

And things got very awkward very quickly…

If you haven’t managed to catch the last few eps, these two ladies aren’t on the best terms after both being linked to resident ladies man Dan Edgar.


And now that Amber seems to be getting back with the hunky Essex lad, Clelia made a little bit of a dig – which went down like a lead balloon and ended in a furious row in the loos. Classic TOWIE.

‘I have heard that you’ve gone, “We don’t need to be taking relationship advice from Amber Turner”,’ a furious Amber said to Clelia at pal Yazmin Oukhellou‘s party.

‘Woman to woman, that’s disrespectful and disgusting. As much as our situation with Dan ain’t great, I think that’s a bit low.’

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Devon-born Clelia soon hit back and told Megan McKenna‘s best mate that she needs some more self-respect, before Amber branded her ’embarrassing’ and told her to stop ‘sticking her nose in’. Yikes…

But as the fiery ladies continued to throw insults at each other, ITVBe viewers were a little distracted by Amber who couldn’t stop pouting at herself in the mirror.

Well, you gotta stay glam in Essex – even in the middle of the argument…

‘Omg Amber constantly checking herself out in that mirror is embarrassing! Talk about love yourself!  @ITVBe #TOWIE’, blasted one person on Twitter.

Another said: ‘Did Amber just look in the mirror whilst arguing? The women loves herself.’

While a third agreed: ‘When Amber turner checks herself out in the mirror mid argument. I’m genuinely embarrassed for her #towie’.

And they weren’t the only ones to notice…

Although some fans jumped to the blonde bombshell’s defence, as one viewer said: ‘Everyone’s moaning about Amber, but her facial expressions are hilarious… so sassy #TOWIE’.

Well, whether you’re team Clelia or team Amber – one thing we definitely know for sure is this argument is far from over…

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