Tristan Thompson Reportedly Cheated on Khloé Kardashian the Night Before Her Baby Shower

As more women come forward to allege they helped Tristan Thompson cheat on Khloé Kardashian, her friends and family are reportedly being put in a very awkward position, a source told ET.

“Her friends and family are learning all these new details and it’s hard to know what’s just someone trying to cash in and what is true,” the source said.

There are rumors of Tristan cheating on Khloe with five different women, and some even claimed the affairs lasted months. One woman said she slept with Tristan the night before Khloé’s baby shower. “It’s tough to know what, if anything, to tell Khloé.”

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The dilemma, the source said, is that Khloé has stuck by her man in the past, so if her friends tell her about the allegations as they arise, they risk losing her. “If a friend tells Khloé that they heard about another cheating story, they risk being cut off by her.”

Khloé is still living in Cleveland, where Tristan plays for the Cavaliers, and she’s reportedly trying to “process” everything that happened. “She’s not in a bubble of denial,” the source said. “She knows what’s going on and is still trying to process it, but so far, she’s managed to move past it and look forward.”

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Despite reports that she was ready to flee Ohio as soon as she possibly could,this source said she’ll be staying for another few weeks to a month. “Of course, that could change, especially since every day there seems to be more stories [coming] out about Tristan.”

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