Tristan Thompson Screamed At In NBA Game & Fans Say Khloe Did The Same After Cheating Video

Tristan Thompson just can’t escape his alleged cheating scandal. After the Celtics’ Marcus Morris wildly screamed in his face, fans trolled him that it was just like what Khloe Kardashian probably did after seeing video of him kissing other women!

Just because Tristan Thompson is in the middle of a an NBA playoffs game doesn’t mean he can escape the wrath of fans for allegedly cheating on baby mama Khloe Kardashian, 33. In the May 15 game two of the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics, he got another reminder when Boston’s Marcus Morris was shown on camera screaming wildly into Tristan’s face after getting an epic layup over the Cleveland Cavaliers star. The game was super close at that point so Mooch was simply getting in Tristan’s head, but the Twittersphere went wild that Khloe probably yelled at the 27-year-old the same intense way she found out that he allegedly cheated on her with a strip club worker.

Video of the exchange immediately hit Twitter and the comments were priceless. “Tristan Thompson hasn’t been yelled at like this since Khloe saw that TMZ video,” one person wrote, referring to video taken in Oct. of 2017 that showed him kissing one woman while motorboating another’s breasts. Another fan wrote next to the vid “You can’t intimidate Tristan Thompson by screaming. He’s cheated on a Kardashian before. He’s heard it all.” Even the crowd inside TD Garden went after him as one user pointed out, “Tristan Thompson is butt hurt from that play & all you hear in the background is ‘you’re a cheater’ being screamed at him.” Already the exchange has become a GIF that people are using to taunt Tristan about the cheating scandal so that moment on the court is going to live a long time!

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