Vanessa Hudgens Says Coronavirus Killing People is 'Inevitable?'

Here’s Vanessa Hudgens telling the world how she really feels about the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine — feelings she probably should have kept inside her head.

Vanessa, apparently already bored in quarantine, decided to do a makeup tutorial Monday night, but swayed off topic when a viewer asked about the quarantine possibly lasting until July. The actress said that “sounds like a bunch of bulls**t” and then dug herself an ever-deeper hole.

She said, “Even if everybody gets it … like, yeah … people are gonna die, which is terrible, but like … inevitable?” You do have to see how she said it because tone makes all the difference here, and this seems as close to tone deaf as you can get.

All the online backlash you’d expect has already begun. Even Vanessa seemed to catch herself, adding … “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now.” She took her own advice and continued applying makeup — but too little, too late?

Like, yeah … for sure.

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