Veteran Actor Tim Conway Is Suffering From Dementia, Daughter Seeks Conservatorship

The ‘Carol Burnett Show’ star’s daughter Kelly has filed to become her father’s conservator to protect him from his wife Charlene.

Actor and funnyman Tim Conway’s daughter has filed to become her father’s conservator after revealing he is suffering from dementia.

“The Carol Burnett Show” star’s daughter Kelly is seeking to be put in charge of her father’s affairs because he is reportedly “almost entirely unresponsive”.

Kelly has also asked the court to make her his conservator because she claims her dad’s wife, Charlene, is planning to move him out of the “excellent skilled nursing facility”, where he currently lives, and put him in one that doesn’t have registered nurses at all times and his “24-hour caregiver and speech therapist” to help him swallow food and drink.

According to The Blast, Kelly also wants to be able to administer his medications “for the care and treatment of dementia”.

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