Video: Kylie Jenner Breaks Down Her 37 Steps of Makeup Routine

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star admits that make up helps her feel confident especially when she was insecure about her lips.

Kylie Jenner revealed her secret of flawless everyday look in a ten-minute video for Vogue. Before starting her 37 steps of makeup tutorial, the model had her face scrubbed and moisturized so that she looked fresh already even though with no make up on. She began the first step by brushing her eyebrows with a dark brown pencil.

Kylie admitted that she wasn’t good at shaping her brows in the past. “I never used to be good at brows,” she said. “Jordyn was always, like, used to do my brows,” the cosmetics mogul added, referring to her model best friend Jordyn Woods. “But then I kinda just learned what I like.”

Finally, Kylie finished her make up by spraying her face with MAC setting spray so that her make up looked perfect.

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