We’ve Been Pronouncing Chrissy Teigen’s Name Wrong This Whole Time

Chrissy Teigen is in the midst of an existential crisis, it seems! The 32-year-old says everyone pronounces her name wrong, including herself, which she acknowledges is “effed up.”

The supermodel made the reveal on Sunday, September 16, after a Twitter user commented on the correct pronunciation of Ariana Grande and pointed out that fans mispronounce Teigen’s name, too.

“word!” Teigen responded. “gave up a long time ago. last name is tie-gen not tee-gen.”

When another Twitter user asserted that even Teigen says “tee-gen,” the Lip Sync Battle cohost responded, “I know. I even correct people when they say it correctly. it’s all v effed up.”

“I don’t correct people, ever,” she added. “They can call me Janet and I won’t. Wrong order? I’ll eat it. Taxi going to the wrong airport? I’ll change my flight … I don’t correct people but I do I don’t know im so tired please let me go.”

Teigen then uploaded a Twitter video of herself pronouncing her name the correct way and getting an endorsement from her mother. “I’m tired of living this lie,” she said in the video.

John Legend’s wife wasn’t focused on the pronunciation issues long, though. Minutes later, she posted another video, showing off bruises on her leg. “F—k, I just fell down the stars,” she said in the clip. “It’s Emmys tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Grande revealed the proper way to say her name on Beats 1 Radio on August 17. “My grandpa said ‘gran-dee,’” the 25-year-old explained. “My brother [Frankie Grande] kinda changed it to ‘gran-day’ because ‘gran-dee’ was kind of the Americanized version of it. [He] made it more chill. And then my brother was like, ‘We should say ‘gran-day.’ It’s so fun to say it. It’s a funny name’ … I grew up saying ‘gran-dee,’ and I think of my grandpa, and I wish I said ‘gran-dee’ more.”

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