When Will Zendaya’s Movie ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Be On Netflix? Here’s What We Know

Euphoria fans are in for a treat. No, unfortunately Season 2 of the HBO series still does not have a clear premiere date, but while the wait for more episodes continues, the show’s star and creator have teamed up for a new movie coming to Netflix. So, when will Zendaya’s movie Malcolm & Marie be on Netflix, and what can fans expect from the pandemic-era flick? It will definitely be a must-watch for Euphoria stans.

Shortly after production on Season 2 of Euphoria was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, showrunner Sam Levinson got to work on new screenplay. In the midst of a filming hiatus all over Hollywood, Levinson managed to get two of the biggest stars of the moment to helm his new movie, which was filmed following extensive coronavirus prevention precautions at the end of June through the beginning of July. Malcolm & Marie stars John David Washington and Zendaya as the title characters.

The relationship drama is Washington’s second major movie tied to the coronavirus pandemic, following his starring role in the recent Christopher Nolan blockbuster Tenet. The film continues Zendaya’s creative partnership with Levinson, as she currently stars in the filmmaker’s hit HBO series Euphoria.

As the title suggests, Malcolm & Marie will focus on the relationship between its two central characters. Malcolm is a filmmaker who just premiered his new movie with great success, but when he and his girlfriend Marie get home from the premiere, dark revelations about their relationship put their love to the test. Given the movie’s plot description, title, and the conditions it was filmed in, Zendaya and Washington may be the only two actors to appear in the project.

In mid-September, Netflix acquired the distribution rights for Malcolm & Marie, although the streamer has yet to announce a premiere date for the movie. Thankfully, since the flick landed at a streaming service, it won’t have to deal with all the delays plaguing theatrical releases at the moment, so fans can likely expect Malcolm & Marie to drop on Netflix pretty soon.

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