Why Fans Were Concerned About Tiger Woods Before His Car Crash

Celebrities and sports fans around the world were shocked by the news that Tiger Woods had sustained severe injuries from a near-deadly car crash in February 2021. The accident took place on the morning of Feb. 23 in Southern California. Woods’ car reportedly darted across a median, cutting through two lanes of traffic, and hit a tree before flipping onto its side, per The Independent.

Woods was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where he underwent surgery on his lower leg. The athlete’s injuries were ultimately revealed to be serious. His leg was broken in multiple places, with the bone exposed in some spots. Eventually, the difficult decision was made to place rods and pins in his ankle and lower leg to aid in the healing process, per CNN. It is likely the accident will have a long-term effect on Woods’ career.

The news was especially jarring as just days before the accident, Woods gave an interview where he floated his plans to play at the 2021 Masters despite recent back surgery, per The Daily Mail. Though Woods spoke optimistically about his future that day, his attitude worried his fans. Here’s why.

Tiger Woods apparently seemed strange before the accident

Tiger Woods — who, at only 45, has already undergone five back surgeries — still seemed positive about his future as a professional golfer, per Golf Digest. Two days before his near-deadly car accident, Woods gave an interview in which he hinted at his plans for the rest of the year. When asked if he saw himself in the final round of the Masters Tournament in a mere seven weeks, Woods chuckled and replied, “God, I hope so,” adding that his participation hinged on getting the “OK” from his team of doctors. Despite his apparent optimism, fans thought something seemed off with Woods.

“Bloody hell. Tiger Woods looked absolutely fried in that interview just now,” tweeted one fan, “Bloated, dull looking face and sounded like he was speaking through a muffler. Honestly reckon this last surgery could be the end for him.” “Looks like [Woods] aged about 10years and like he’s in a lot of pain,” wrote another, noting that Woods did not “come across very positive.”

Whatever the situation is with Woods’ back, and whether or not it would have prevented him from competing in the Masters, it’s likely his doctors are now more concerned with his extensive leg injuries, which will require months, if not years, of physical therapy.

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