Will Ferrell Looks Healthy In 1st Appearance Since Horrific Car Accident — See Pics

It’s good to see you all in one piece, Will Ferrell. The ‘Anchorman’ star made his first public appearance after surviving a terrifying car crash, and he let everyone know he’s a-okay!

Will Ferrell, 50, returned to the public on April 19, appearing alongside Macey Hensley at WE Day in Los Angeles in Los Angeles, according to Yahoo. In his first major appearance since his car accident, the comedian joined the 8-year-old expert on U.S. Presidents to give her a pop quiz. After dropping some “trivia” of his own – saying that Barry F. Sasquatch was the president with the largest shoe size – Will said that he thought Macey “could totally be president one day.”

When that happens, Will wondered if he could be her secretary of “curly-haired people.” However, he already has competition for this hypothetical job. John Stamos, 54, who was the host of the 2018 event, said he was more qualified to serve in President Hensley’s administration. “Will, if there’s gonna be a hair expert in Washington,” he said, before pointing to his own glorious locks. Of course, since Macey won’t be eligible to run for the office for another 27 years, neither John nor Will may have much hair left by then.

Hilarious. What wasn’t funny was how close Will came to death. The Saturday Night Live icon was rushed to the hospital on April 13, following a two-car accident on the 1-5 freeway in Orange County. Will – along with two passengers and his chauffeur — was traveling back to L.A. after hosting a voter registration event in San Diego when a 22-year-old male driver sideswiped Will’s SUV. Will’s vehicle hit the center median before flipping on its side.

Thankfully, Will did not “suffer any significant injury,” but he was transported to a local hospital — just to be safe. Sadly, a 27-year-old woman in Will’s car wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and was seriously injured, proving why everyone should buckle up. “The driver of the Toyota apparently had fallen asleep and struck the rear end of the (Lincoln) Navigator causing it to hit the center divider wall,” Officer Rafael Reynoso said after the accident. At the time, it didn’t appear that alcohol or drugs were involved in the crash. Thank goodness. It seems that everyone came out safe and sound in that crash, and Will is back to making people laugh on stage.


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