Witney Carson Tried to Set Up Milo Manheim & Maddie Ziegler!

We finally know who Witney Carson tried to set Milo Manheim up with!

Earlier in the week, Milo revealed that he is single and that Witney wanted to set him up with a guest in the ballroom.

Thanks to some investigative work, it was discovered that it was Maddie Ziegler!

“That’s exactly who she tried to set me up with,” Milo confirmed to ET.

He added, “But, look. I love Maddie, she’s a great girl, but it’s not going to happen…it’s just not going to happen. There’s so many reasons. She is super cool and I really do like her, and I hope to know her for a long time. It’s funny because she would have the exact same response as I’m having right now. We have to, like, sit Witney down and be like, ‘Witney, it’s not going to happen!’”

We think that Milo and Maddie would make a cute couple but totally understand if it’s not what they want!

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